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Salento and Ciolo area


The Salento is a region deeply sited in the South-East of Italy,

a region full of ancient culture and cross-culture traditions,

a territory surrounded by the sea with its coasts overlooked

by olive groves and where the wind makes the air fresh and clean. Its inhabitants, deeply rooted into this territory's values, are very hospitable, kind, creative and cheerful, like their region. The perfect mix between rural life and an environmentally aware tourism creates a situation of complete genuineness and peace. The richness of history and culture has shaped Salento as an undeniable and unique place made of rural life, music, art and food & wine. The food itself makes the travel to Salento a real and uniquelife experience.

A beautiful and unique place of amenities. Still rugged and

wild the Ciolo Canyon, originated by an ancient barrier reef, connects the small town of Gagliano del Capo to the

sea. The surrounding area is characterized by olive groves,

path soaked with rural life and an unparalleled native biodiversity. An area called "mountain" by native people, even

if brushed by the sea. Free Climbing, Trekking, Mountain Bike, Kayak, the perfect spot where sports and nature meet.

The area of the Municipality of Gagliano del Capo, boarding with the most known location of Santa Maria di Leuca, shows some environmental features and a typical territory conformation, which make the practice of some sporting activities a very unique experience. A particular mention deserves the network of paths, plunged into nature and nearly always bearing a sea view, which, starting from the sea and penetrating in the hinterland, show some very respectful technical features. The landscape glimpses, the sea views, the sun and a lush nature complete the job.

The Salento region is characterized by two wonderful coasts, one facing the Adriatic Sea, the other facing the Ionian Sea. The East coast, the Adriatic one, stands out for its rarely beautiful places, barely anthropized which still keep the ancient charm and quiet. Natural landscapes, small harbours, caves and rock coast glimpses make this side of Salento a unique location.

The West coast, on the Ionian side, stands out for its kilometric beaches brushed by crystal clear waters. Along the shore, the ancient sight towers give the name to a lot of small towns, which right now have become highly crowded tourism destinations in August. The sunset light on this coast can paint pictures of genuine Salentine flavour.

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