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Competition Info


Every WMRA Member may enter one (1) team or two (2) teams for each event. A team can be

composed of 4 (four) athletes, the best three of them scoring. A Federation could enter up to 9 boys

and 9 girls (including one reserve). The competition is limited to athletes born in 2000 and 2001. No

athletes aged less than 16 or more than 17 years on 31 December 2017 can compete.

Although the WMRA International Youth Cup is basically a team competition, individual entries may

be accepted.

Entries Deadlines

The Preliminary and Final Entries should be made by WMRA member federations using the respective forms in Appendixes 4 and 5.

Deadline for the Preliminary Entries: 10 May 2017

Deadline for the Final Entries: 15 June 2017

Final Confirmation

Team Leaders or their representatives must confirm the names of those competitors already entered who will actually take part in the competition.

Forms for the final declaration and confirmation will be distributed to each delegation during accreditation. These forms must be completed and returned immediately or no later than 18:00 on Friday 23 June 2017.

Final start lists will be ready for collection together with the bibs after the Technical Meeting.


Each race shall be scored separately. Each team’s score shall be determined by the aggregate of the places of its 3 (three) athletes. Teams shall be classified according to their scores, the team in each race having the lowest score being the winner, and so on. A tie shall be decided in favour of the team whose last scoring athlete finishes nearest to first place.

A team with fewer than 3 (three) finishing athletes shall not be counted in the teams’ classification.

No adjustments to teams’ places shall be made in respect of non scoring team members or athletes participating as individuals.

Competition Bibs

Each competitor receives 2 competition bibs. The bibs shall be worn according to IAAF Rule 143. The competition bibs may not been cut, bent or covered in any way.

The competition bibs will be distributed immediately after the Technical Meeting.

Competition Clothing

Competitors must wear the Federation’s official team clothing. IAAF Rule 8 & 143 will be strictly applied. Please make sure to follow the latest version of the IAAF Advertising Regulations in force at the time of the event. Clothing and items not conforming to this rule and the current IAAF Advertising Regulations will be removed or taped at the Call Room.

Team clothing must be uniform. A competitor wearing any other clothing will have no access to the competition area and will not be allowed to compete. This rule applies both to competition clothing (vest, shorts and tights) as well as to tracksuits.




The competition timetable will be as follows:

Start time

11:00 Youth Girls

11:30 Youth Boys

Warming Up Before Events

Warming up will take place around the start/finish area. At the end of the warming up the athletes shall prepare for the race and will put the removed clothing in dedicated bags identified with the respective country code name (one for each Federation). These will be moved to the post event area where the athletes can recollect them after the race.

Call Room Procedures

It is the responsibility of the Team leaders to ensure that their athletes are aware of the last check-in times for entry to the Call Room. Athletes arriving late may be excluded from participation in the event.

All athletes must report to the Call Room starting 20 minute before their respective event, but no later than 10 minutes before the start.

The following checks will be carried out on equipment that must comply with IAAF Advertising and Competition Rules:

• Competition clothing

• Bags

• Those non-authorised equipments (radio, walkman, mobile phone, etc) are not to be brought infield.

Starter Commands

All instructions will be given in English. The command is: “On your marks!” followed by a shot from the starter’s gun.

Refreshment Stations

There will be one Refreshment Station with water and sponges located close after the start/finish line. Water, fruits and small snacks will be also available in the post event area.

Personal refreshment may be handed over to athletes by their coaches or other team members on the official Refreshment Stations only.

An athlete who collects refreshment from a place other than the refreshment stations renders himself liable to disqualification by the Referee.

Protests and Appeals

Protests will be processed in accordance with IAAF Rule 146.

In the first instance, protests must be made orally to the Referee by the athlete himself/herself or by a responsible official acting on his/her behalf (Rule 146.3). Protests concerning the result or conduct of an event shall be made within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the result of that event (posted on the TIC information board).

Any written appeal to the Jury of Appeal must be signed by a responsible official on behalf of the athlete and submitted to TIC within 30 minutes after the official announcement of the decision made by the Referee.

When submitting an appeal form, a deposit of 100 USD must be paid. If the protest is unsuccessful, the deposit will not be returned. The Jury’s decision will be provided in writing at the TIC.

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