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General Info

The Course

The 12th edition of the WMRA International Youth Cup will be disputed on an uphill/downhill course in the Ciolo area. It is situated near the town. Transfer time is about 5 minutes by bus from the Village.

The course represents a loop of 1800m, the Start and Finish being at the same place. The surface is mainly dirt road and grass with a very small part on asphalt. The girls shall run two loops while the boys will run three loops.

The distances and amounts of ascent/descent per race are as follows:

Category                      Distance                         Ascent/Descent

Youth Girls                           3850m                                    +250m / -130m

Youth Boys                          5300m                                    +340m / -220m


Technical Information Centre (TIC)

The main function of the centre is to ensure smooth communication between the Team Leaders, the LOC, the WMRA Delegate and the Competition Management regarding technical matters. The TIC will be located in the Start/Finish area and will be open on Saturday 24 June 2017 from 10:00 to 12:30

Technical Meeting

The Technical Meeting will be held on Friday, 23 June 2017 at 16:30, in the Team Village Restaurant.

Each team may be represented by a maximum of 2 (two) team delegates and, if necessary, an interpreter.

It is very important that all teams are represented at the Technical Meeting.

All questions related to the Technical Meeting must be presented in writing, preferably in English, at the Accreditation Centre before 18:00 on 23 of June. The Technical Meeting will be held in English.

The Technical Meeting will be attended by:

• WMRA Delegate

• Representatives of the Organising Committee

• National Competition Officials

Teams that are not able to attend the Technical Meeting, under extreme circumstances, can collect their information material from the LOC office after the technical meeting.

Technical Meeting Agenda

The preliminary agenda of the Technical Meeting includes:

• Welcome by the President of the Organising Committee

• Welcome by the WMRA President

• Presentation of the Jury of Appeal members

• Presentation of the Competition Officials

• Presentation of the competition and warm-up venues

• Ceremonies and Closing Party

• Answering of questions submitted in writing by federations

Course inspection

Athletes and team members will have free access to the competition venue and race course for training in the days preceding the competition. The course will be fully marked and accessible on Friday 23 June between 9:30 and 11:30. Shuttles can be organised on Thursday and Friday morning if necessary.

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