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The Accreditation Centre will be located in the Camping Village Santa Maria di Leuca. Each team member will receive an accreditation card, which must be worn at all times and should be clearly visible. Photos are not required for the accreditation card system.

Accreditation Procedure

Accreditation cards will be prepared in advance, based on the information provided by the participating federation in the final entries. The Team Leader will be responsible for collecting the accreditation cards of all team members upon arrival.

Team Leaders are requested to take the athletes’ passports or IDs to the Accreditation Centre in order to allow verification of the participants’ age.

Access Areas for Teams

All team accreditation cards will allow access to the warm-up area, changing facilities and shuttle bus service. Only athletes who are directly involved in the competition will have access to the call room and to the course. The Head of Delegation from each team is invited to the VIP Hospitality and will be given the necessary access number on the accreditation card.

Separate cards will be issued for the Team Leaders, for access to the information available in the Technical Information Centre (TIC).

Loss of Accreditation

Any lost or damaged accreditation cards should be reported to LOC or the Accreditation Centre. Duplicate cards can be obtained where proof of identity can be established.


The Info Point will be located in the Camping Village Santa Maria di Leuca, along with the Accreditation Centre. Qualified LOC staff will be available to help with every aspect of the event.



Mob: +39 327 669 7730 

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